I'm a creative individual, I first came to photography through my second pleasure of climbing in the outdoors. I wanted to capture the lush, rugged, green landscapes of the British Isles and further a field in Europe and the Asian Continent. 

Having realised the human element was missing, I decided to address my style of photography and turned to studio work, music documentary and street photography. I enjoy being in the company of others, I am a sociable person. 

My style of photography mainly covers portraiture, I love to capture a persons character, they say it is within the eyes that their story can be told. This is what I look for, an element of emotion and to gain some provocation within the subject, so that too the viewer can relate to the story. 

Social Documentary or Photojournalism features heavily in today's world, and with the advent of digital technology, so too has communication changed. People want the latest headlines, they want to discover their world, a world in which we all can share through the platform of social media. 

You can also check me out on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-rothwell-03611550/


Commissioning me automatically creates a level of trust between us. I understand this, and I will honour this agreement, especially in terms of maintaining a high level of courtesy. Whether that means showing up minutes earlier, returning phone calls and e-mails, or dressing appropriately. I consider myself a professional first in business, secondly as an photographer, first impressions matter. 


I believe it is absolutely vital you believe in my technical competence if you are considering hiring me. Of course, the best background check you can do on me is to check my portfolio, but especially if your project is of a commercial nature, I encourage you to send me an email and I will send you a brochure tailored exactly for your requirements.


My goal is to always be an asset for you. I got into photography because I genuinely enjoy the challenges that come with this wonderful job, so being commissioned is not something I just want to get over with. And I would love to prove it every single time. Working extra hours, taking last-minute assignments, or re-shooting. I’m always happy to do it.


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