The Million Mask March 

My first foray in to documenting demonstrations in Englands' Capital, London. London is often bearing witness, too protestors, rebellion and frequent demonstrations. November 2014, became what I termed as the "Winter of Discontent". However, this became an annual demonstration headed by the notorious activist groups OCCUPY and lately ANONYMOUS, both groups seemingly disappearing after the emergence of a very real threat from climate change. Thus, Extinction Rebellion was founded in the latter stage of 2018. The Scientists are right to be angry, governments are lacking in how they have approached any real threat to human existence or for that matter, human equality think, Black Lives Matter. Or even the #Me-too, movement, primarily righting wrongs against violence on women.  

This particular march was also aimed at the Royals of Britain, or to put it simply, "the haves and the have nots". The protestors made their merry way around the capital disrupting Christmas shoppers, Theatre goers, and Americanised fast food restaurants.  Keeping the Met Police and their support group, the "Territorial Support Group", whom specialise in public order policing, on their toes so to speak. Violence emerges in such demonstrations, and so a tit for tat chase, happens around the city. 


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