Suburban Bus

This is the first book, I have purchased by the photographer Alejandro Cartagena. Whilst I was studying Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at University of the Arts London, in 2014-2016. I came across another two of his works; Before The War and later A Guide to Infrastructure and Corruption. I found his work was totally reflective in the sense that here is a man, who initially is not a photographer, but has an interest in observing the surroundings he finds himself, and documents his native country as though he were an outsider looking in. Quietly, unseen and able to create the most remarkable images, without fear of provocation or recompense. Alejandro Cartagena has an interesting eye, his journey from Juarez - Monterrey - Juarez, is an incredible piece of work. The fact he was travelling on a bus journey, documenting the changes happening around him, inside and outside of the bus, covers a multitude of people whose lives, and aspirations are shared through the lens of his camera. We do not know these people, we should not judge these people, but we learn that they too, are just as ambitious, have families to visit, have jobs to go to, they’re living and moving towards their own goals. A worthwhile book, which is worth seeking out.

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