Street Photography Literature

Ever just stared at the shelves of a magazine stand at the front covers of the art photography magazines and cast your eyes on the likes of Aesthetica, Black + White, BJP (British Journal of Photography), FOTO8, Inspired Eye, or even LensCulture and wondered if there was a magazine specifically aimed at the genre of ‘Street Photography’? I’m a subscriber of and now again our good friend Spyros Papaspyropoulos will do a book review, I’ve done a few myself which you can find here. Recently the guys had a good look at a seemingly new kid on the block; EYESHOT. Comes in the format of a softcover similar to the aforementioned mags. The cover photograph is square lending itself to those who use Instagram to vent their creativity to instantly like it, (see what I did there). The collection of photographers the magazine reads is exceptionally wide-ranging from Dougie Wallace, Jonathan Higbee, to the likes of Vineet Vohra and Gisele Duprez, and many others. The Editor in Chief is Marco Savarese who founded the publication in 2017. It seems not to rival other publications, but because it represents a specific genre, it enhances them, and so too I think other publications seem to make it stand out even more. Inside the covers you are greeted with some very nice blurb about the publication, it’s creator and the stories and photographs contained herein. The pages themselves are printed on Fedrigoni X-PER Premium White paper so quite a bit of weight as you would expect. The photographs vary from white and black backgrounds, which seem to enhance the images. Some are really quite colourful (Vineet Vohra) others just seem quite surreal in a monochromatic style. The content itself has covered recent street photo festivals and on the website, you will find who it specifically partners in the guise of LSPF, ISPF StreetFoto SF. Whilst this does come across as too isolationist and not a wide-ranging representation of other Street Photography Festivals think Miami or Photo Athens for example. The plethora of amazing photographers are definitely what keep me hooked in this publication, the work of all is so very inspiring for this art form. Another interesting aspect to the publication is the limited printed copies available, once they are SOLD OUT! they certainly are. However, all is not lost you can order a digital PDF version which, I’m sure if you are willing to print that out you’ll get by. 

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